Thursday, Nov. 19th (Ho Chi Minh Day 2)

  • Checked out the War Remnants Museum today (formerly the Museum of American War Crimes).  Biased towards the Vietnamese perspective but shocking and informative nonetheless.
  • The Agent Orange and Can Dao prison exhibits are particularly nauseating, both unapologetic breaches of human rights and international law.
  • Found ourselves partying on Bui Vien street again.  Walking back to our hostel at the end of the night a girl in our group had her purse snatched by two men on a scooter.  Cory saw the whole thing from 50 feet behind and managed to knock the scooter off balance as the snatchers tried to pass, causing them to crash into a stone platform.  Both driver and passenger took off running but by this time I had caught up.  As I closed in on the passenger, who was still clutching the purse, he panicked and tossed it high into the air behind him.  I caught it triumphantly and returned it to the owner.  A crazy end to a fun night!
  • Check out the full Long Form writeup here: “Shannon Brothers: 1 ; Saigon Bag Snatchers: 0”!!

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