Friday, Nov. 20th (Ho Chi Minh Day 3)

  • Started the day off with the best Vietnamese Pho Soup we’ve had yet at a local food truck next to our hostel.
  • Returned to the War Remnants Museum to finish off a couple of exhibits that we didn’t have time for yesterday.
  • Continued walking deeper into the city to check out the Jade Emperor Pagoda.  The temple is packed with incredibly detailed wood-worked shrines and surrounded by a peaceful, shaded, court-yard.  We were very happy to have gone after debating whether or not it was worth the trip and enjoyed the brief reprieve from the crazy streets of Ho Chi Minh.
  • Followed the recommendation of a friend (thanks Charles!) and went to a local spot, Quan Banh Xeo 46A, for dinner.  Not surprisingly, they serve amazing Banh Xeo, a thin pancake stuffed with pork, shrimp, onion, and bean sprouts, which you then wrap in a giant wasabi leaf, adding smaller leaves of mint, basil, lettuce, and other herbs to taste.  You dip the whole spring-roll-like creation into a spicy sauce and enjoy!  We both agreed it was the most satisfying dinner we’ve had in a long time.

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