Saturday, Nov. 21st (Ho Chi Minh Day 4)

  • Woke up early to go on the hunt for motorbikes, not to rent but to buy.
  • Learning to drive a manual transmission bike on Ho Chi Minh streets is true baptism by fire.  On my first try, I stalled 2 times before the end of the block, then followed it up spectacularly with another stall in the middle of oncoming traffic while trying to make a left turn.  Cory didn’t fare much better, barreling frantically through the same intersection, not realizing that the rear brake is controlled by the right foot pedal.
  • By mid-morning we were driving confident loops around the backpacker area and by mid-afternoon we had committed to two Honda Win motorbikes!
  • Spent a couple hours with the mechanics tuning everything up to feel then closed the final deal: two Honda Win bikes with extended luggage racks, bungee cords, helmets, phone holders, and USB charger (on my bike only) for $300 USD each.
  • One harrowing ride later, down several real-deal Ho Chi Minh streets, and we were back at our hostel celebrating the day with Saigon beer and karaoke.

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