Monday, Nov. 23rd (Ho Chi Minh Day 6)

  • Hit the road early to check out the Cu Chi Tunnels, the underground labyrinth used by Viet Cong resistance fighters during the Vietnam War.  Other travelers undersold the trip for some reason… but crawling hands-and-knees through the claustrophobic tunnels, learning about their guerrilla warfare tactics, and tasting the steamed tapioca that fighters subsisted on has been a highlight of our time in Ho Chi Minh.
  • It was the first major test for our motorbikes too.  Thankfully everything went smoothly.  I felt a slight wobble in my front wheel an hour into the 2.5 hour drive to the Tunnels.  We stopped at a mechanic and were back on our way with a replacement part and a tune up within 10 minutes, costing $4.
  • On our way back to Ho Chi Minh later that afternoon, Cory and I got separated in a particularly nasty traffic circle.  With no phone (I had it), map, or language skills, and still 30 minutes away from our hostel, the resourceful guy still managed to find his way home.  (Meanwhile I was panicking with no way to contact him and absolutely no plan for how to find him.)
  • Spent the rest of the night tying up loose ends in preparation for the first leg of our journey tomorrow morning: Ho Chi Minh to Mui Nei.

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