Tuesday, Nov. 24th (Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne)

  • Woke up early, strapped our backpacks to the motorbikes with bungees, topped off our gas tanks… then hit the road.
  • Getting out of Ho Chi Minh was chaotic, as expected, and taking a ferry across the NHA Be River along with 100 other bikes packed wheel-to-wheel was an experience I won’t soon forget, but once we hit the highway all of our stress disolved into pure bliss.  The bikes were running perfectly, the sun was shining, the wind was refreshing, and we had all the space we could ask for.
  • Our first stop occured when the third guy in our trio, Max from Belgium, got a flat rear tire.  Luckily it happened outside of a mechanic shop.  We enjoyed some water and Vietnamese coffee while the inner tubing was replaced and were soon on our way.
  • Later, we passed three cops on the side of the road that tried to wave us down.  Our advice from other travellers has been to avoid the police at all costs as they frequently try to extort money from foreigners.  We responded with the friendliest smiles and waves we could muster, then hit the throttle.  Luckily there was no pursuit.
  • Our closest call came still later when a baby calf came barreling across the highway a few feet behind me and a few feet in front of Max.  It was such an unexpected change in scenery that neither of us reacted much.  Thankfully we didn’t have to and we all continued on safely.
  • The drive itself was beautiful.  We were frequently along the coast watching waves crash on the beach with a strong sea breeze in our face.  When we weren’t on the coast we were on isolated highways shouldered by green hills and sprawling rice fields.
  • Ten hours later we arrived in Mui Ne utterly exhausted.  We found a  cheap room at Cocosand Hotel, had dinner, and were all fast asleep shortly after.

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