Thursday, Nov. 26th (Mui Ne Day 2)

  • Woke up at 5:40am to rent surfboards and check out a couple local surf spots.  Neither was very good but we still had fun trying to make the best of it… eventually bodysurfing when we got tired of fighting through the breakers with our boards.
  • At lunch we joined a mixed group of guys and girls from all over the world.  They had all signed up for kiteboarding lessons (the sport of choice in Mui Ne due to the consistent on shore winds) and were talking about how much fun it was and how much progress they had made.
  • Less than an hour later Cory and I signed up for a 7 hour beginner kiteboarding package at Vietnam Kiteboarding School (2 hours combined instruction at $35/hour then 5 hours of private lessons at $50/hour).  
  •  Our first two hours were that same afternoon, beginning with kiting theory, then progressing to equipment setup/takedown, emergency procedures, flying a small trainer kite (similar to a stunt kite), then finally sitting on the beach and controlling a full size kite with shortened lines.
  • Had fun hanging out with our new crew at a local live music venue: Joe’s Cafe, where we listened to Western covers (Beatles, Stones, Clapton, etc.) for a few hours before ending the night further down the strip on beachside bean bag chairs at Dragon Beach club. 

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