Friday, Nov. 27th (Mui Ne Day 3)

  • Arrived at the kiteboarding school at 9am to begin our second day of lessons.  The school doubles as a beach club and is an awesome place to hang out, eat, drink, play pool, or just watch the boarding action.
  • Spent a bit more time practicing kite control on the beach, then hit the water for private instruction.  
  • We learned to body drag using the kite as a sail, then how to pick up the pace with power turns: a figure-eight type loop that, “pumps the power,” as my instructor would say.
  • After our lesson, we headed down the beach to a Big Air competition sponsored by one of the local kiteboarding schools.  We drank free Tiger beer while cheering on our instructors as they competed for the best jump with the most hang time.
  • Returned to our hostel and had dinner before heading back out to Dragon Beach club for the Big Air after party.  The winner was announced (unfortunately not one of our instructors) with a jump of 7+ seconds hang time.  
  • Enjoyed speaking with various competitors and spectators at the party… seems like a tight-nit and friendly community.

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