Monday, Nov. 30th (Mui Ne Day 6)

  • Had an easy morning, showing up to the kiteboarding school just after 11am.
  • We decided to commit to 3 more hours of private lessons, at which point we should be competent enough to rent out a full set of gear on our own.
  • The wind wasn’t very strong when we arrived so we got lunch at a streetside Banh Mi vendor to kill time.  (Banh Mi is a vietnamese sub, generally with your choice of chicken, beef, or pork, then topped with cucumber, carrots, and cilantro, all served on a toasty french baguette — in Mui Ne, it costs 67 cents!)
  • It was worth the wait.  What followed was our best 2 hours of kiteboarding yet.  We are both getting up consistently and able to ride ~200 meters out to sea before turning around and riding back to shore.  I’ve started turning upwind and was nearly able to make it back to my starting point on a couple occasions.
  • Returned to the mechanic shop to find that both the front and rear wheels of my motorbike had been contributing to the wobble in the steering.  The front wheel needed to have the space around the ball bearing tightened up, while the rear wheel needed new spokes to maintain the circular structure.  The repairs, along with a replacement bulb for the headlight, cost $11 (250K VND). 
  • Ended the day with a delicious seafood dinner at our hostel, followed by fresh mango and banana from a street vendor for dessert.
  • Easy night for more kiteboarding tomorrow!

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