Tuesday Dec. 1st (Mui Ne Day 7)

  • Spent the morning hanging out at the kiteboarding school; reading, writing, and talking with fellow students and staff who we’ve become friends with over the past 6 days.
  • Cory hit the water for the final hour of his 10 hour private lesson package around 11am and I did the same shortly after 12pm.
  • We both made huge strides in our kiteboarding ability today, partly because the instructors were very generous in their timing of an “hour” (as they have been all week).  
  • Cory is easily riding out to sea and returning to shore while edging upwind in both directions.  (Not to mention battling heavy sea chop and navigating the hundreds of other kiteboarders on the water.)  
  • I finally mastered the upwind technique today and was able to return to a position on the beach that was further upwind than where I started with each line I took.
  • Hung around our hostel the rest of the day, eating dinner at a cheap local restaurant (2 beers each, rice, mixed vegetables, and meat spring rolls for under $5 total), then calling it an early night.

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