Wednesday, Dec. 2nd (Mui Ne Day 8)

  • Fit in an early morning ocean swim and beach workout before arriving at the kiteboarding school for 10am.
  • Our 10 hour beginner lesson package was finally complete, and our instructors deemed us proficient enough to rent out a kite on our own, so our plan was to rent for the rest of the day as soon as the wind picked up.
  • We had also heard that some of the kiteboarding schools offered promotional jobs that paid accomodation and provided free access to their kiteboarding equipment.  This sounded pretty good to us so we decided to ask around while we waited for the wind.
  • The second kiteboarding school we asked at, Sankara Kiteboarding, offered us free access to the equipment and 10% commission on any business we brought in.  We tentatively accepted, wanting to see what other opportunities were available.
  • We returned triumphantly to our school, Vietnam Kiteboarding School (VKS), and were a bit surprised when they made a counter-offer: free access to the kiteboarding equipment and surfing equipment at their second location as well as free accomodation if we were able to bring in consistent business.  We accepted on the spot.
  • Unfortunately the wind never did pick up… but we had a great evening drinking celebratory Tiger beer with the rest of the staff and students while watching an amazing ocean sunset that must have passed through every single colour on the spectrum.
  • We met up with some expat friends for dinner at a great local burger place, Hill Smokeria, where they have a ping pong table on the sand (and bore witness to some high-stakes doubles action!), before continuing the celebration late into the night at Pogo Bar and Dragon Beach club.

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