Thursday, Dec. 3rd (Mui Ne Day 9)

  • Made it to the kiteboarding school by 10am, a bit worse for wear after the previous night’s celebration.
  • Sat with the owner of Vietnam Kiteboarding School (VKS) – a Vietnamese man named Hai – and one other employee from Spain named Alex, to discuss the job requirements and promotional strategy in general.  
  • Basically the job entails an hour of promotional work in the afternoon: walking down the beach, handing out flyers, and telling people about the drink specials and kiteboarding/surfing options, followed by a couple hours of the same type of work on the street in the evening.  
  • In return we get free access to the kiteboarding and surfing equipment as well as paid accomodation.
  • Took advantage of the job perks and went kiteboarding from 1-3pm.
  • Started our first hour of work for VKS shortly after, walking down the beach and speaking to as many people as we could.
  • Went surfing at 4pm for an hour and a half until the sun set on the water beside us.
  • Tried a new restaurant for dinner called Warung.  It’s one of those places that you are angry with yourself for not finding earlier.  The food is all local Vietnamese fare but buffet style.  You take as much as you want and simply show it to the owner who gives the plate a glance and names your price.  I’ve never paid more than 40K VND (<$2) for a heaping plate of rice, noodles, vegetables, tofu, fish, and meat.  The cafe itself has floor seating and is a haven for local (including expat) surfers and kiteboarders.  Definitely will be a regular stop for us while we are in Mui Ne.
  • Worked for another couple hours, promoting in front of VKS and up and down the main street.
  • Returned to the VKS bar and had a quick drink before returning to our hostel and calling it a night.

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