Friday, Dec. 4th (Mui Ne Day 10)

  • Woke up early, packed up our bags, and moved to a new hostel: Mui Ne Backpacker Village.  
  • This hostel is very popular with backpackers and we are doing a trial-stay for 5 days to see if it is a good place to promote and recruit potential kiteboarders.
  • Couldn’t move in to the room until 12:15pm so we returned to Vietnam Kiteboarding School (VKS).
  • Spent the next few hours kiteboarding and continuing our skill progression.
  • Worked for an hour promoting along the beach.
  • Decided to postpone moving our bags in to the new hostel in order to go surfing… so we jumped on our motorbikes and drove to Sea Links beach.
  • Surfed for a couple hours until the sun set.
  • Had another delicious buffet-style dinner at Warung.
  • Finally returned to Backpacker Village to move our bags in to our private double room.
  • Worked for another couple hours, Cory, Alex (our fellow Spanish promoter), and I, promoting on the street in front of VKS and along the main road.
  • The inaugural Mui Ne Music Festival debuted tonight so we bought 3-day tickets and checked out the first night with Alex, her friend Nihm from Mui Ne, and our friend Eve from Montreal.  
  • There were over 1,000 people and 3 stages, one with live music.  We had a few drinks and talked with friends and strangers until midnight when we could barely keep our eyes open any longer.
  • Hopped on our motorbikes amid a sea of police and headed home.

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