Saturday, Dec. 5th (Mui Ne Day 11)

  • Woke up and did a quick swim and workout at the hostel.
  • Headed to the kiteboarding school and hit the water shortly after, kiteboarding for a few hours.
  • Worked for an hour promoting along the beach.
  • We heard that there were no waves at Sea Links beach but decided to see for ourselves anyways.  Grabbed the motorbikes and drove there… then turned right around and drove back; we had heard correctly.  No surfing today.
  • Ate some delicious Vietnamese food at Warung for dinner.
  • Started work, promoting on the street outside the kiteboarding school (Vietnam Kiteboarding School).
  • We were feeling pretty tired but then Bay, one of the kiteboarding instructors, showed up with a bottle of rum and two liters of coke.  We all drank and handed out flyers together until our shift was up.
  • The four of us: Bay, Cory, Alex (our Spanish colleague), and I then headed to the Mui Ne Music Festival for the second night.
  • It was a similar scene with a few hundred people teeming around 3 stages.  Specialty food and drink stands surrounded the crowd while a live reggae band played on the main stage.
  • We hung out for a bit talking to our growing group of expat friends, but we were both exhausted and didn’t last long. 
  • Grabbed the motorbike and made a pit stop at Sinbad Kebab for a delicious chicken kebab before heading back to the hostel, and finally, to bed.

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