Sunday, Dec. 6th (Mui Ne Day 12)

  • Started the day with a swim in our hostel’s pool and a short workout in our double room.
  • Cory headed over to the kiteboarding school while I stayed poolside to finish reading and writing.
  • Got a message from him shortly after that the wind was picking up 🙂
  • I packed up and arrived at the kiteboarding school in time to watch him carving lines to-and-from the beach in front of the school.
  • We spent the next 3 hours kiteboarding.  At this point we are both kiting upwind consistently and able to return to our launch point quite easily.  
  • Today we worked on our transition turns.  Up until now, when we got too far out to sea or too close to shore, we would simply slow down, sink, then get up again going the opposite direction.  Now we are trying to avoid the sinking part.  In theory, it involves slowing down, switching to toe side, then slowly turning the kite and letting it pull you back the opposite direction in a graceful arc.  Easier said than done!  We had mixed success, both managing to pull it off a few times but also both getting launched a few times.  Seems like the typical story of progression in this sport!
  • Finished kiting and grabbed lunch at our favourite local buffet-style restaurant: Warung.
  • Worked for an hour on the beach, talking to people and handing out flyers.  
  • Met two guys from Holland, Jasper and Leander, who we invited to come surfing.  All four of us hopped on our two motorbikes and were in the waves a few minutes later.
  • Surfed for an hour and a half right up until sunset.  The surf spot is quickly becoming one of my favourites.  Usually 3-6 foot waves, not too crowded, and the sun sets on the water so close that it feels like you could paddle out and follow it.
  • Two Canadian girls, Lindy and Stephanie, that we had met earlier in the day also decided to join us.  Unfortunately, in the final seconds of our session, one of them lost track of the board and it hit her hard in the mouth.  There was blood everywhere and a deep, crimson gash through her gum line.  Luckily the rental spot had ice and gauze on hand.  One of the instructors took her to the hospital.  We later learned that her jaw may have been broken and that she was awaiting further tests for a diffinitive answer.
  • Returned to the kiteboarding school and had a few goodbye beers with a Brazilian couple, Tito and Marta, that we had become friends with over the past week of kiteboarding.
  • Worked for another couple hours promoting on the street then grabbed dinner at a local Vietnamese spot.
  • Met up with a group from all over the world for a drink (we had met two of the girls in the group, Valerie and Ruth from Belgium, in Siem Reap, Cambodia nearly two months ago and kept in touch), but we were both exhausted and didn’t last long.
  • Returned to the hostel and were fast asleep minutes later, after a jam-packed day.

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