Thursday, Dec. 10th (Mui Ne Day 16)

  • Packed our bags and checked out of the hostel, Mui Ne Backpacker Village, to find some slightly cheaper accomodation.
  • Made it to the kiteboarding school by Noon.
  • Cory went out on the water right away but I was starting to worry about a cut on my leg that was clearly infected and spreading, so I headed to the clinic.
  • Dr. Dong took one look and had me on the operating table minutes later.  He cut out the infection and cleaned the wound but found that several other mosquito and sand fly bites had also become infected.  He kept cleaning, even digging where the skin had formed a kind of cyst around the bite, trapping the infection inside.  Finally I walked out of the clinic with peroxide, iodine, an antibacterial cream, plenty of gauze, tape, and legs bandaged so badly that I looked like something out of The Mummy.
  • The visit cost me $28.  Twenty-five dollars for Dr. Dong’s consultation fee and $3 for all the medication, gauze, and tape.
  • Returned to the kiteboarding school and hung out for a bit with Cory before grabbing food at Warung.
  • Checked into a new hostel that we had stayed at previously called Friendly Cafe and Hostel
  • Did some promotional work on the street (to keep my freshly cleaned wounds out of the sand) while Cory hit the beach.
  • A big group from Canada that I met on the street ended up checking out VKS (Vietnam Kiteboarding School) so we cut work a bit short and ended up joining them in the bar.
  • Hung out for an hour or so then headed back to Friendly Hostel.
  • Cleaned and redressed all my wounds then we called it a night.

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