Wednesday, Dec. 9th (Mui Ne Day 15)

  • It was an errand day today.
  • Cory still wasn’t feeling great in the morning, with a sore throat and low energy, so he stayed in bed while I went on the hunt for meds.
  • Stocked him up with cough drops and water then headed to the kiteboarding school.
  • It was a good day for Cory to be sick… there was hardly any wind or waves to speak of.
  • Grabbed lunch at Warung, then Alex (our Spanish colleague) showed me a mechanic shop near our hostel where I brought both motorbikes.
  • My motorbike had a flat rear tire while Cory’s had started lurching a bit while riding.
  • Cory’s bike was easy to fix with a replacement part that cost 70K VND ($3.12).  My repair was surprisingly expensive but only due to the fact that I had opted to buy a new rear tire in addition to replacing the inner tubing (the tread on the old tire was worn nearly flat).  Total cost: 380K VND ($17).
  • Did some writing at our hostel until 4pm then played volleyball in the pool with Cory, Alex, and a few fellow travellers.
  • Went to dinner at Nginh Phong around the corner with a big group from England, Australia, Canada, and Slovakia.
  • Headed back to the kiteboarding school to do a couple hours of promotion on the street.
  • Cory wanted another good night of sleep and returned to the hostel shortly after we finished work.
  • I stayed and played pool then met up with the group from dinner and a few other friends to check out Pogo Bar down the road.  We danced and played cards before heading back to the hostel in the wee morning hours.

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