Saturday, Dec. 12th (Mui Ne Day 18)

  • Day 3 of being completely landlocked due to the infected cuts, scrapes, mosquito bites, and sand fly bites on my legs.
  • Took an easy morning, cleaning and redressing everything, while Cory hit the water for some kiteboarding.
  • Went to Warung for lunch.  Warung has become a highlight of my days since I can’t be in the water until my legs are fully healed.  The cafe is always busy with locals and expats who come for the delicious, cheap food and laid back vibe.  I speak with old friends and make new friends there on a daily basis. 
  • Vietnam Kiteboarding School (VKS) had a big Hawaiian beach party planned for the night, so we went to work promoting earlier than usual.
  • Worked from 3-6pm then took a break for a bit to grab dinner and relax before hitting the street again around 7:30.
  • By 9:30 we were all standing in front of VKS drinking and and trying to get people through the front door.
  • Shortly after, we joined the party and were finally able to hang out with the people that we had persuaded to join in the fun.  There was live music, dancing on the sand, and a big bonfire on the beach.
  • We stayed until the party started dying down, around 2am, then headed to Dragon Beach club with some friends that we had made from the Netherlands.
  • Continued the party through to the early morning before returning to the hostel and going straight to bed.

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