Sunday, Dec. 13th (Mui Ne Day 19)

  • Lazy day today recovering from the Hawaiian beach party.
  • I made it to the kiteboarding school by late morning while Cory stayed at the hostel to nap and read.
  • Met up with Silvia from Italy and Marit from the Netherlands, who we’d met at the party the night before, for lunch at Warung.
  • Spent the rest of the day hanging out beachside at Vietnam Kiteboarding School and catching up on some writing.
  • Cory went surfing in the late afternoon but I stayed behind due to my leg wounds which are still not completely healed.
  • Moved back to the hostel and continued writing.
  • Went to Nginh Phong for dinner once Cory returned.  Alex (our Spanish colleague) joined us for a few minutes on her way home.  Then our friend Mathis from France, who teaches kiteboarding at a school down the beach, showed up and sat with us.  He introduced us to Nging Phong’s delicious pancake dessert and we all left feeling completely satisfied.
  • Spent a couple more hours writing back at the hostel then went across the street to Joe’s Cafe to say goodbye to a group from the Netherlands that we had partied with the night before.
  • Returned to the hostel, redressed all my leg wounds, then went to bed. 

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