Tuesday, Dec. 15th (Mui Ne Day 21)

  • Woke up dying to get in the water after 5 days of being landlocked due to my leg infections. The wounds are showing improvement but still not close to being healed. Part of the problem is the humidity here which prevents the skin from closing. Part of the problem is that I haven’t paid the wounds any attention until now… With fresh bandages and prescribed antibiotics, I was ready to be back in the ocean.
  • Arrived at the kiteboarding school to find a light wind and big waves washing up on shore.
  • Took advantage of my new freedom and went bodysurfing for 45 minutes.
  • Killed some time at the kiteboarding school with Cory waiting for the wind to pick up.
  • Finally a kite freed up (a student finished their lesson) and I hit the water. Took a long turn, for close to 2 hours, trying to make up for lost time. Had many crashes, a few jumps, and several successful transition turns. At one point I found myself nearly a kilometer out from shore, the furthest I have ever been. There is something amazing about being that far with only the wind driving you and ocean as far as the eye can see. It’s very freeing.
  • Cory took a long turn kiteboarding as well. He had a crash way out at sea and lost the board. After body dragging back and forth for several minutes he still couldn’t find it and started the long body drag back to shore. Luckily a fellow kiteboarder came across the board and dropped it off, saving him the shame of having to tell the kiteboarding school that their board was floating somewhere out at sea.
  • Had a quick, late lunch at Warung then went working on the beach for an hour.
  • Hopped on our motorbikes and went to Sea Links beach to surf for a couple hours, right up until sunset.
  • Worked for the next couple hours, promoting for Vietnam Kiteboarding School (VKS) on the street.
  • Went for dinner at Nginh Phong with our friends Arvis from Latvia and Martin from Germany.
  • Returned to VKS to play some pool and have a couple drinks.
  • I went to see Sau again with the Russian guy for another mysterious medical session.  Curb-side treatment on my infected leg wounds with Sau’s magical home made mountain-medicine.
  • Called it a night shortly after.

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