Wednesday, Dec. 16th (Mui Ne Day 22)

  • Had a good sleep in then went to the kiteboarding school in the late morning to check on the wind. It was a pretty calm day but the waves were firing, the biggest I had ever seen them in front of the kiteboarding beach.
  • Went bodysurfing for 45 minutes waiting for Cory to join.  
  • He showed up and we went straight to Sea Links surfing beach. The waves were great and we had a several fun rides despite a fairly busy lineup.
  • Returned to Mui Ne Beach and had a quick but delicious lunch at Warung before going straight to work, promoting for Vietnam Kiteboarding School (VKS) on the beach and street, in order to finish up before our dinner plans.
  • Alex, our Spanish colleague, had just started kiting upwind – the first major stepping stone in kiteboarding skill progression. Here in Mui Ne, the accomplishment is justification for an “Upwind Party!”  
  • We planned for a local seafood BBQ dinner to celebrate at a place called Hot Rocks. We ate grilled clam and baby octopus – whole, head and all – while drinking Saigon, laughing, and listening to live music. It was a tight group of locals and expats: our friends Tuan and Niem from Vietnam, our kiteboarding instructor Bay, an instructor from another school, Huang, and finally the misfit locals: me, Cory, Alex, and Renee (a fellow kiteboarder from Switzerland). 
  • Alex and Tuan performed a few songs at the mic to our applause. The happy water (local rice alcohol concoction) came out shortly after and we passed shots around until the bottle was finished.
  • I left early to visit Sau, my magical Vietnamese healer, for treatment on my infected leg wounds.
  • Thirty minutes later, with clean wounds, brown mountain-medicine paste, and bandages everywhere, I returned to our kiteboarding school.
  • It was our friend and fellow student, Maurus from Switzerland’s, last day in Vietnam before returning home.
  • We stayed late into the night, sitting on bean bag chairs on the beach, drinking Saigon beer and talking about nothing and everything. One of the kiteboarding instructors, Hong, joined us, along with Niem, Selma and Elena (friends traveling with Maurus from Switzerland). A fun and fitting end to the night.

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