Friday, Dec. 18th (Mui Ne Day 24)

  • Woke up slowly this morning.
  • Cory headed to the kiteboarding school around 11am while I stayed behind at our hostel to catch up with friends and family back home over FaceTime.
  • By early afternoon the wind was very strong and the waves were huge (though not quite as big as yesterday) in front of the kiteboarding school.  
  • The conditions were too advanced for us and only the true riders were out, so we headed to Warung for a late lunch.
  • Afterwards we decided to go surfing and jumped on our motorbikes to head to Sea Links surfing beach.
  • The surfing conditions were much less technical than yesterday, and mercifully, there was no undertow for us to battle. We had a very enjoyable surf session, once again lasting right up until the sun set on the water beside us.
  • Had a quick dinner then worked on the street for a couple hours, promoting the nightly drink specials at Vietnam Kiteboarding School (VKS).
  • Returned to our hostel to relax for a bit.
  • At 10pm I went to see my local Vietnamese healer who has been helping me and one other Russian guy with our leg injuries: mine from infected scrapes and mosquito bites and his from a minor motorbike crash.
  • Cory met up with some friends at VKS at the same time, but we were both exhausted and returned to the hostel just after 11pm for some sleep.

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