Monday, Dec. 21st (Mui Ne Day 27)

  • Arrived at Sea Links surfing beach by 8am and was on the water with my favourite yellow longboard shortly after.
  • I was one of three people surfing initially. By the time Cory joined half an hour later, the other two surfers had finished, so it was just us two for the next hour. The waves were smaller than yesterday, but we still managed some great rides. An hour later, Alex, our Spanish colleague, and three other staff from our kiteboarding school joined in. When the waves are really firing, like they have been the past few days, the surfing can be quite crowded and competitive, so it was a nice change to have our small group of friends in the water, joking and enjoying the surfing, completely at ease.
  • Went to Warung once again for lunch. You would think that we would be sick of it by now, but every time we go we only fall in love with the place more.
  • Hung out at the kiteboarding school for a bit before starting work.
  • Cory promoted on the beach for the next hour, while I did the same along the street. 
  • Hopped on my motorbike and headed back to Sea Links to check out the surf while Cory decided to stick around the kiteboarding school.
  • The waves were still rolling in so I grabbed a green longboard and surfed until the sun set and I could barely distinguish the waves.
  • Returned to the kiteboarding school and worked for the next two hours promoting on the street in front of VKS (Vietnam Kiteboarding School).
  • Went to Nginh Phong again for dinner and had our usual order: “Twenty-five Chicken” – which isn’t on the menu and is known only to locals. It’s a bowl of vegetable soup, followed by a plate of rice with cucumber and chicken, and finally a banana or dragon fruit to wash it down. We ordered our favourite dessert as well: a thick banana pancake covered in sweet, condensed milk.
  • Cory went to meet up with some friends at the kiteboarding school while I finished up some writing.
  • Paid another visit to my witch doctor at the magic hour (10pm) for some work on my leg wounds then went to bed.

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