Saturday, Dec. 19th (Mui Ne Day 25)

  • Woke up and headed straight to Sea Links surfing beach around 9am.
  • The waves were pumping and a couple of our kiteboarding instructors were already in the water (cloudy and no wind today unfortunately, so no kiteboarding). 
  • Surfed on and off until 12:30pm. It was a bit crowded on account of the ideal surfing conditions, but we still managed to catch some great waves, including a couple giants (from our perspective) that would have buried us alive otherwise. Highlight was catching a massive wave with my kiteboarding instructor, Long, who I’ve become close friends with.
  • Went to Warung for another amazing buffet lunch.
  • Hung out at our kiteboarding school for a bit to check the wind (still none) before returning to the surfing beach to get back in the water.
  • Unfortunately all the boards were rented out (customers take priority), but we agreed that it was for the best as both of us were having some muscle issues due to the longer-than-usual surfing sessions.
  • Decided to start work early and hit the beach soon after to promote the night’s drink specials and hand out flyers.
  • Continued working for the next two and a half hours in order to make our dinner plans.
  • Met up with two German friends, Arvis and Martin, and a couple from Montreal, Ben and Julia, for a drink at the kiteboarding school before heading to Nginh Phong for dinner. Also ran into a couple from France that I had met while promoting on the street, Florian and Madeline, who ended up joining as well. 
  • Had a delicious dinner in great company and topped it off with our favourite dessert: banana pancake slathered with sweet, condensed milk.
  • Cory went straight to bed after dinner while I went to see my “witch doctor,” as I have been calling her, to have my leg wounds treated.
  • Returned to the hostel with clean wounds, mountain medicine, and fresh bandages before collapsing into bed.

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