Sunday, Dec. 20th (Mui Ne Day 26)

  • Woke up to our first day of rain since arriving in Mui Ne.
  • Left Cory sleeping while I headed to Sea Links surfing beach, arriving by 9am.
  • Took out a yellow longboard and had one of my favourite sessions yet. I was one of three people in the water. The waves weren’t huge, but long and clean, and I had several great rides across the beach right into shore.
  • Cory joined an hour later and we continued surfing in the rain until Noon.
  • Returned to the hostel and cleaned up before grabbing lunch at Warung with our colleague Alex from Spain and our friend Mathis from France.
  • Cory hung out at Warung with Mathis while I crossed the street to our kiteboarding school to take care of some busy work that had piled up (emails, travel insurance, etc.).
  • Cory went surfing again at 3pm and I joined 45 minutes later, after finishing up the computer work.
  • The 10 minute drive to Sea Links beach was an adventure in itself. The rain had picked up and I was cruising through the downpour in nothing but a helmet and board shorts. In some places the puddles were so deep that my feet dragged through the water while sitting on the motorbike pegs. Passing buses and taxis refused to slow down, soaking everyone in the vicinity with blasts of ground water. Luckily it was still warm enough to laugh it all off.
  • Surfed for an hour more and both caught some great waves.
  • Navigated the lagoon streets to return to the hostel, thankfully in a much lighter rainfall. My motorbike took on a bit too much water in one puddle and started lugging along, but I slowed down and the problem quickly resolved itself.
  • Warmed up back at the hostel with some hot tea and peanuts.
  • Cory returned to Warung for dinner while I stayed at the hostel to do some writing.
  • Visited my “witch doctor” for treatment on my leg wounds at 10pm then went straight to bed.

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