Tuesday, Dec. 22nd (Mui Ne Day 28)

  • Made it to Sea Links surfing beach by 8:30am.
  • Unfortunately most of the equipment was rented out. I did a quick workout on the beach then grabbed the paddle board to try and make the most of the time. Cory joined a bit later on a surfboard but the waves were small and we cut the session short.
  • Hung out at the kiteboarding school for the rest of the morning before heading to Warung for lunch.
  • Cory headed back to the kiteboarding school but it started pouring rain just as I was about to join him, so I stuck around Warung.
  • Hung out with friends and some locals while also fit in some writing.
  • Returned to the hostel and read for a bit.
  • Headed to dinner at Nginh Phong with what has become our usual crew: Mathis from France, Ugis from Latvia, Alex from Spain, Nihm and Tuan from Mui Ne, Cory, and myself. 
  • Cory and I worked for an hour promoting on the street, and actually had some success, despite the lower frequency of people passing due to the weather.
  • Cory went back to the hostel while I ended the night with a visit to my witch doctor, Sau, the lady who cleans, treats, and redresses my leg wounds at 10pm every night.

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