Friday, Jan. 1st (Mui Ne Day 38)

  • We were determined to get the most out of our last day in Mui Ne.
  • Cory managed to make it to Sea Links surfing beach by 8am and spent a good two hours in the waves.
  • I arrived at 10:30am to find him fast asleep on a beanbag chair in the sand.
  • I spent the next 1.5 hours in the water with only one other surfer and a few beginners closer to shore. There was a fair bit of wind and current which made it tough to maintain position, but the workout felt good and helped to sweep away the cobwebs from our New Years celebration.
  • Returned to Mui Ne Beach and had our final lunch at Warung. We drew it out as long as possible but eventually had no choice but to say goodbye. The restaurant/cafe is truly special and played a major part in our long stay in Mui Ne.
  • Went to the local market to buy some parting gifts for the special places and people we’ve encountered in Mui Ne: flowers and candy for Sau (my “witch doctor” who has been treating my infected leg wounds at 10pm every night and asking nothing in return), more flowers for Warung (our delicious daily lunch/hang out spot for the past 30 days), and a couple bags of peanuts for Sun at Friendly Hostel where we spent the majority of our nights in Mui Ne (an inside joke that developed between us).
  • Returned to Sea Links beach for our last surf session of the foreseeable future. Once again we surfed right up until the sun set on the water beside us.
  • Freshened up at our hostel then went out for a big farewell dinner with our Mui Ne family at the Mui Ne Night Market. We ate some delicious food and had a final tearful goodbye before all going our separate ways.  
  • I went to give Sau my parting gifts while Cory returned to our kiteboarding school, Vietnam Kiteboarding School (VKS), one last time to do a final round of goodbyes. I followed his lead and did my final round of goodbyes at VKS shortly after.
  • We returned to Friendly Hostel and spent the next half hour sitting on the stoop drinking Saigon beer with Sun. He works 15 hour days and I get the feeling that he distinctly enjoys the opportunity to drink and speak freely with his guests.
  • We made it to bed just before 1am and fell straight to sleep, setting our alarms for a 7am departure.

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