Monday, Dec. 28th (Mui Ne Day 34)

  • Slow day today.
  • I showed up at the kiteboarding school to find all the staff in a bustle trying to accommodate an overloaded roster of students.
  • I took an early lunch at Warung and spoke with one of the family owners, Julia, at length about our friend Mathis in hospital in Saigon.
  • Returned to the kiteboarding school and met up with Cory.
  • Had a few wrap up conversations with Hai, the owner of the kiteboarding school; Cory and I plan to leave Mui Ne in the next few days.
  • Hopped on Cory’s motorbike and sped over to Sea Links beach to visit Alex, our Spanish colleague, who was managing Vietnam Kiteboarding School’s (VKS) second location: a board rental and lesson shack at the surfing beach.
  • Took turns surfing when boards were available while making a plan with Alex to leave by bus the next morning for Saigon to visit our friend Mathis.
  • Went to dinner with a big group from the kiteboarding school: Gaga and Justin from Lithuania who help manage VKS, Alex, Bay (a VKS instructor), Cory, Selma, and Elena. We ate delicious fresh fish and mixed seafood rice.
  • Bought bus tickets to Saigon for the next morning leaving at 7am, costing 120K VND each (less than $6)
  • Went to Nginh Phong for our favourite pancake dessert with Alex.
  • I paid another 10pm visit to my witch doctor for treatment on my leg wounds.
  • Returned to the hostel and packed everything up before calling it an early night to make our 7am bus in the morning.

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