Saturday, Dec. 26th (Mui Ne Day 32)

  • Cory went to Sea Links surfing beach first thing in the morning while I opted to catch a bit more sleep.
  • When he returned we spent the rest of the morning making the final friends and family rounds to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
  • Cory went to the kiteboarding school to get out on the water again but unfortunately all of the kites were being used by students.
  • I went to Warung for a long lunch and some writing.
  • We met up at the kiteboarding school and hung out for the rest of the afternoon.  
  • Cory did some promotional work on the beach then returned to Sea Links beach for some surfing.
  • We started working on the street a couple hours later, promoting for the Full Moon party being thrown at our kiteboarding school that night.
  • The party was another big success. We spent most of our time at the entrance, convincing people to come in, handing out costumes, and face painting.
  • I paid a visit to Sau, my witch doctor, at 10pm for treatment on my leg wounds. I only have 3 open wounds now that are all nearly healed. Sau still hasn’t asked for anything in return for her help, not to mention reimbursement for the endless bandaids, gauze, peroxide, and mountain-medicine that she has treated us (me and the Russian guy) with.
  • We finally joined in the party fun around 11pm and had another great night with all of our friends, new and old.
  • Received some tentatively positive news at the party about our friend Mathis, who is in the Saigon hospital after a serious scooter crash. Still waiting to hear if he will need surgery and when we can go visit. 

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