Thursday, Dec. 24th (Mui Ne Day 30)

  • Had a lazy start to the day recovering from last night’s party.
  • Caught up with friends and family over FaceTime in our courtyard hammocks before heading to Warung for lunch in the early afternoon.
  • Started work early to promote for the kiteboarding school’s annual Christmas Eve bash.
  • The party was a huge success. The club was packed and everyone was dancing and having fun. We were surrounded by new friends passing through, and old friends who are regulars in Mui Ne. It made for a great night.
  • Warung, our favourite restaurant/cafe in Mui Ne, was also throwing a party to celebrate two birthdays in the owner’s family. There was free food and free drinks for a group of ~25. It was awesome seeing all the local faces that flit in and out during the day all together at one time. We were honoured to be included in that community.
  • We alternated between parties (I took a quick break at 10pm to see Sau, my witch doctor, for treatment of my leg wounds) for most of the night until Warung closed around Midnight.
  • Saw the party at the kiteboarding school, VKS, through until the early morning then called it a night.

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