Wednesday, Dec. 23rd (Mui Ne Day 29)

  • Went surfing alone in the morning (Cory’s hamstring is bugging him). Did a workout and some yoga on the beach before taking out a board. The waves were small but the paddling exercise felt good.
  • Hung out at the kiteboarding school then had lunch at Warung.
  • Cory took out a kite for nearly 2 hours, then I did the same right after. The wind was gusty which is abnormal here but made for good practice. Had several successful jumps with pillow-top landings which I was excited about.
  • Cory worked for a while on the beach while I worked promoting on the street.
  • At 7pm the entire kiteboarding school went out for dinner at a local DIY BBQ place. We ate self-made goat spring rolls and Vietnamese soup. There was plenty of beer and happy water – the local rice alcohol concoction – floating around, and we all had a great time eating and laughing together in a setting other than the kiteboarding school’s beach club (where we see each other every day).
  • Having said that, we then returned to the beach club to continue the party. Had several long pool games with our Lithuanian friends before heading to Dragon Beach club.
  • Called it a night in the early hours of the morning and headed back to the hostel after a bit of an altercation with the motorbike taxis who were all vying for the fare on our ride home.

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