Wednesday, Dec. 30th (Mui Ne Day 36)

  • Had another 6:30am start to take care of a few errands before visiting our friend Mathis from France in the Bien Vien Cho Ray hospital in Saigon.
  • Dropped Niem (our local Vietnamese friend) off at the bus station so she could get back to Mui Ne for work, then Cory and I hit the market to find new helmets, warm clothing (we are heading into the mountains next), an exercise band, and a SIM card recharge for my phone.
  • Met up with Alex (our Spanish colleague) again in the early afternoon and had a quick lunch near the hospital before returning to the Head Trauma ward to visit Mathis.
  • It was the same depressing scene as yesterday. Mathis was sleeping when we arrived so we talked to his caretakers who are also from France. They left for some much needed rest shortly after and we took over watch.
  • Mathis woke up for a bit and sat up on his cot for some short conversation with us. He was asleep again when the nurses came around and told us that they were moving him to the 10th floor.  
  • We wheeled him into the elevator and were beaming when we arrived at a nice, clean private room, an indescribable reprieve from the depression of the trauma ward below.   
  • Everyone perked up, including Mathis, and we all made small talk and told jokes.
  • His caretakers returned a few minutes later. We hugged Mathis and said goodbye then grabbed a taxi to catch our bus back to Mui Ne at 5:30pm.
  • Five hours later we arrived in Mui Ne.  
  • Headed to bed early to catch up on sleep and recharge our emotional batteries.

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