Tuesday, Jan. 5th (Da Lat Day 4)

  • Another 8am start to the day followed by several cups of steaming hot green tea to wake up.
  • Cory came down to the lobby shortly after me and we hung out for the rest of the morning, writing and talking to fellow travellers and staff members.
  • By 1pm the lobby had cleared of all travellers (except me and Cory) and the hostel staff graciously invited us to join them for lunch. As usual, there was more delicious food than we could eat and the owner balked when I offered to pay.
  • Hopped on our motorbikes and headed North this time to Lang Bian mountain. The drive was only 25 minutes to the foot of the mountain and slightly less scenic than the drive to Elephant Waterfall yesterday.
  • Parked our bikes and started the long trek to Lang Bian Peak at an elevation of 2,167 meters. The first half of the hike was along a concrete road where we passed horses, fellow hikers, and campers, all enjoying the beautiful sunny day. The second half took us on to a trail covered in sprawling roots and overshadowed by huge pine trees. The last 300 meters was a difficult vertical climb up a rough staircase inlaid into the trail. We reached the peak at last, sweaty, out of breath, and feeling fantastic.
  • Spent 20 minutes enjoying the view and taking a few pictures before hustling back down the mountain to make it to the front gate before closing time at 5pm. We were 15 minutes late but no one seemed to care.
  • Made it back to Da Lat Family Hostel just in time to enjoy the second half of the nightly communal family dinner.
  • Ate our fill then spent the rest of the night relaxing in preparation of our day of canyoning tomorrow.

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