Saturday, Jan. 9th (Da Lat to Nha Trang)

  • Early start today to settle up with the hostel, pack our bags, and get the motorbikes road ready.
  • I took my bike by a mechanic shop to have a slight wobble in the foot pegs looked at, but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth fixing immediately.
  • I borrowed a wrench to tighten everything up as best I could then we hit the road.
  • The driving out of Da Lat was some of the best I have ever done in my life.  The roads reminded me of some of the Rocky Mountain passages back home, with giant bouldered rock faces crashing through endless forests of green.
  • The mountain pass seems to be perpetually in the clouds.  Corner after corner we would come out of the mist to find 200 foot waterfalls cascading down the rocks and ending only a few feet from the road.  Below us was a soupy mix of white clouds, green forest, and jagged steel grey cliff face.
  • On November 22nd, I mentioned how a local key maker had beaten up my lock mechanism while trying to duplicate my ignition key.  Today that mistake caught up with me.  In the middle of the mountain pass, half way to Nha Trang, I tried to take my key out of the ignition and ripped the whole mechanism out in a burst of flying metal.  Luckily I was able to finagle the key into a tiny hole at the end of the ignition tube and switch the power on.  Otherwise it would have been a much different day involving a lot of pushing.
  • We arrived in Nha Trang without any further issues and checked into a hostel called Mojzo Inn at 4:30pm.
  • The hostel offers a happy hour with free beer from 5-6pm which we took full advantage of.  The beer is watered down and cheap but tastes like heaven after 6 hours of sitting on the motorbike.
  • At 5:55pm we heard that a different hostel, iHome, offered a free beer happy hour from 6-7pm.  We immediately rallied the troops and moved to iHome to keep the buzz alive.
  • Had a delicious Vietnamese Pho dinner on the street across from iHome once the happy hour ended.
  • I returned to the hostel to take care of some writing while Cory continued with the party group late into the night.

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