Monday, Jan. 11th (Nha Trang Day 3)

  • Woke up at 7am and headed upstairs for the hostel’s complimentary breakfast: poached eggs, iced coffee, and bananas.
  • Took care of some writing and fit in a few FaceTimes while Cory ate.
  • I went to the beach for a swim and workout while Cory took care of a couple errands and spoke to family back home.
  • Put together our day pack and hopped on our motorbikes for a trip to Ba Ho Waterfall, roughly 1 hour North of Nha Trang.
  • The drive was beautiful, with the majority of the highway snaking along azure blue ocean waters and backdropped by lush coastal islands.
  • Arrived at Ba Ho with no issues and took a coffee break before starting the hike up to the falls.
  • The “hike” is actually more of a mad rock scramble.  We hopped from boulder to boulder, frequently having to engage our hands to avoid slipping into the water.
  • Thirty minutes later, covered in sweat and out of breath, we made it to the first waterfall.
  • Took a quick break before continuing on to the second waterfall and then finally reaching the third.
  • Our reward was a refreshing swim in the fresh water pool.  We took our time, relaxing and soaking in the wild jungle scenery, before packing up and starting the hike out.
  • On our way down, a group of young local boys camped out on a large boulder handed us a Saigon beer.  We split it eagerly and left the area feeling great.
  • Back at the hostel, we went to a local street shop around the corner to eat Banh Xeo: a thin, crispy pancake with veggies and sea food that you wrap in wasabi leaves, adding other herbs to taste, then dip in a spicy local sauce.  It was as good as we remembered (from our last Banh Xeo meal in Saigon) and we left completely satisfied.
  • Relaxed for a bit before meeting up with our friends from Mui Ne, the French Canadian couple, Ben and Julia.
  • Took a beer in the lobby of the hostel while I waited for a backup of my pictures to finish, then headed to The Rooftop Lounge for a couple more.
  • We said a final goodbye (we are leaving tomorrow) and made it back to the hostel before 11:30pm for a sound sleep.  

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