Tuesday, Jan. 12th (Nha Trang to Quy Nhon)

  • Woke up at 8:30am and headed upstairs for our hostel’s complimentary breakfast.
  • Took our time packing up in the morning and running a few errands.
  • Took our motorbikes to the mechanic to have the tires pumped up and the chains oiled.
  • By the time we were finally ready to hit the road at 1:30pm we were way behind schedule. In retrospect, we should have been flexible enough to change our plan, but we had our hearts set on Quy Nhon.
  • The first part of the drive took us through the country side, a few kilometres inland from the coast. We must have passed a hundred rice fields by now, but I’m always taken back by the colour: a vivid green that doesn’t seem to exist elsewhere in the world.
  • The roads were crazy today and we had some tense moments. Driving in Vietnam is unlike anywhere else I’ve seen in the world. Frequently we found ourselves being passed by two huge trucks, one in the fast lane and one in the slow lane, which would push us into the shoulder where we had to contend with other bikers speeding the wrong way towards us. The end result being a 1-2 foot margin for error on either end of the handle bar… not always the most comfortable experience.
  • Just after the half way mark, the highway pulled alongside the coast and we were treated to stunning views of the ocean crashing on to sheer cliff faces snaking into the distance.
  • Unfortunately we didn’t get to enjoy the views for long as the sun started setting and before long it was dark.  
  • If the roads felt unsafe during broad daylight it was nothing compared to darkness. The massive trucks and buses showed even less concern for our lives and people walking and riding bicycles in the shoulder were nearly impossible to see.
  • One and a half stressful hours later we made it to our hostel in Quy Nhon: Big Tree Backpackers and Bistro. Needless to say, nighttime riding is not an experience we are keen to repeat. 
  • Celebrated our safe arrival with a burger and a beer at the hostel, then walked down the beach a few feet to explore the hostel next door: Life’s a Beach.
  • We ran into several friends from Da Lat/Nha Trang, which was a nice surprise, and we stayed for one more drink before calling it a night.

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