Thursday, Jan. 14th (Quy Nhon to 30km South of Quang Ngai)

  • Our alarms woke us up at 7am for an intended departure of 8am.
  • Packed up, said goodbye, and Cory had a quick breakfast before we hit the road – only 30 minutes late!  Not bad considering our record of multi-hour departure extensions.
  • The 3 of us, Cory, Drieson, and I, set off Northbound and had a very enjoyable day of travel.  
  • We had been hoping for more views of the coast but instead were taken past rice fields, mountains, and through many riverside towns where we got a good look at local life.
  • We stopped for lunch at the edge of one of these riverside towns and had some delicious Pho soup across from a local elementary school.  We were still hungry afterwards and sat down with a large group of  teenage students, at what must have been their school’s outdoor cafeteria, to try some egg spring rolls and a sweet dessert cup.
  • We were able to joke back and forth with their broken English and my broken Vietnamese.  Though by far the funniest joke to them was my Vietnamese pronunciation.
  • We continued on and finally made it to our destination, a crossroad of highways roughly 30km South of Quang Ngai, where we intend to start the next day’s motorbike journey into the mountains.
  • Found a roadside motel with some difficulty, but it was worth it for a nice clean room and cheap price: 50K VND each ($2.25!).
  • Took Cory’s bike to a mechanic to have the front tire replaced as it was starting to cause a wobble in his steering.  Total cost: 250K VND ($11).
  • Had a street food dinner of Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) and a large assortment of fruits.
  • Returned to the motel and relaxed for a bit before calling it a night.

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