Tuesday, Jan. 19th (Hoi An Day 1)

  • Took an easy day recovering from the long motorbike ride from Dak To to Hoi An yesterday.
  • I started the day with a workout on our dorm room’s balcony, followed by a delicious complimentary buffet breakfast on the main floor of our hostel.
  • Relaxed for the next few hours while doing some research on the clothes tailoring shops in Hoi An. The city used to be a major merchandise port for Vietnam and the bespoke clothing is the evolution of that tradition.
  • In the early afternoon we headed to Hoi An’s “Ancient Town,” a UNESCO Heritage Site that houses the majority of Hoi An’s tailoring shops.
  • We explored several businesses, ranging from Mom and Pop shops all the way up to full fledged commercial enterprises.
  • Between us we are hoping to have 1 tuxedo, 2 suits, 5 shirts (1 tux shirt), 4 ties, and 1 bow tie all hand made.
  • With a better understanding of the industry’s layout and hierarchy we called it a day and headed to Banh Mi Phuong (Vietnamese Sandwiches) for dinner.  
  • Banh Mi Phuong was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s show No Reservations as “The Best Banh Mi in Vietnam.” For us it still didn’t compare to our favourite street side Banh Mi shop in Mui Ne.
  • Returned to the hostel and relaxed for the rest of the night. I went up to bed early while Cory stayed by the pool to hang out with some fellow travellers for a couple more hours.

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