Wednesday, Jan. 20th (Hoi An Day 2)

  • I woke up at 6:30am to go for a swim in the hostel’s pool and eat an early breakfast in order to start the shopping routine as early as possible.
  • Armed with a better understanding of where to go and what to ask for based on our inquiries yesterday, I visited several more shops to get a feel for their level of service and price ranges.
  • Cory joined me around Noon and we visited the two shops that we had whittled down to finalists for our business: Kimmy Tailor and Yaly Couture.
  • Took a beer break at The Chef, a rooftop Belgian beer bar that has an awesome view of the fading red roofs across all of the Ancient Town and bounded to the South by a lazy, sprawling river.
  • We talked over our two options and finally decided on Kimmy Tailor.  It’s hard to know in Vietnam the quality of what you’re actually getting despite what salespeople insist as the truth, but for us one thing was for sure, no other shop matched Kimmy Tailor in terms of customer service.  That, combined with excellent online reviews and a couple word of mouth recommendations was enough for us to commit.
  • We walked into Kimmy Tailor to start the hardline price negotiations and were able to shave $100 off the original quote and get rid of the 3% Visa surcharge.
  • We shook hands, cracked a Larue beer to celebrate, and started immediately with the measurements.
  • We put down a deposit equal to half of our final bill and returned to the hostel with a quick stop at Banh Mi Phuong for another delicious Vietnamese sandwich.
  • Back at the hostel I was exhausted from a full day of walking, shopping, and haggling, so I didn’t last long and was asleep just after 10pm.  
  • Cory stayed by the pool several hours longer hanging out with a group from the hostel, including one of his friends from Calgary who is also visiting Hoi An.

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