Thursday, Jan. 21st (Hoi An Day 3)

  • No shopping today as our first suit/tuxedo fitting is tomorrow at 11:30am.
  • I started the day early again, at 6am, to do a workout on our dorm room’s balcony.
  • Met Dries, our Belgian travel companion, for a massive buffet breakfast on the main floor of our hostel just after 7:30am.
  • Cory joined us an hour later and we agreed to rent bicycles for the day to do a proper exploration of the city.
  • Spent some time on FaceTime with friends and family before renting out the bikes and heading East.
  • It wasn’t long before we hit Cua Dai beach, which was not very scenic due to huge sand bags piled up along the beach as protection against storm erosion.
  • We backtracked through a few local neighbourhoods, which earned us plenty of odd looks, and then headed West of our hostel back into the Ancient Town of Hoi An.
  • Here we pedalled down the streets aimlessly, enjoying the laid back and well preserved historic vibe.  Cars and motorbikes are not allowed down the majority of the Ancient Town streets which provided a nice reprieve from the continuous bustle and honking in the rest of the city.  The avenues are cozy and lined with shops and quaint cafes boasting faded and cracked facades, remnants from the trading days of the 15th-18th centuries.
  • Returned to the hostel to chill out for a couple hours before Dries and I headed back to the Ancient Town to do some more exploring by foot (Cory opted to relax poolside).
  • We saw a few temples and crossed the bridge for a brief walk about on Cam Nam island (a small river island that doesn’t appear to have anything special going on).
  • As the sun was fading we ran into a few of Cory’s friends on the street and all went for a drink.
  • Afterwards, we met up with Cory at the Central Market for a cheap dinner of Cao Lau (BBQ pork strips over thick noodles, a bed of broth, and several leafy greens) and mini Banh Xeo (savoury seafood pancakes rolled with greens in rice paper – a bit different to previous Banh Xeo experiences we’ve had, though this order was as a side dish and not a main course).  Total cost for each of us: 30K VND ($1.36).
  • Returned to the hostel and took it easy for the rest of the night, writing, reading, and heading to bed around Midnight.

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