Friday, Jan. 22nd (Hoi An Day 4)

  • Started the day with a swim in our hostel’s pool and the complimentary buffet breakfast.
  • Hung out for the rest of the morning until leaving for our first clothes fitting at 11:30am.
  • The suits and shirts didn’t have buttons yet but everything seemed to be on the right track.  The staff marked down a few adjustments with white chalk then sent us on our way.
  • Cory returned to the hostel to lounge by the pool and read while I wandered the Ancient Town for the next few hours.
  • At 4pm we returned to Kimmy Tailor for our second fitting.  The buttons were attached and we each had a few more adjustments marked before calling it a day.
  • We walked back to the hostel and spent some time relaxing, writing, and reading, then went across the street for a late dinner.
  • At several restaurants around Hoi An they offer 3K VND cups of beer (13 cents!).  We each had 3 cups and a decent dinner of two staple Hoi An dishes: Cao Lau and White Rose.
  • Returned to the hostel and spent the rest of the night sitting with a big group by the pool, playing cards and playing pool until just after 1am.

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