Monday, Jan. 25th (Hoi An to Da Nang)

  • Took our time waking up and eating a good breakfast in the morning.
  • I had been feeling on the verge of sickness for the past couple days and it finally caught up with me.  I woke up with a splitting headache, a terribly upset stomach, and a crick in my neck and back that prevented me from looking to the right.  The weather, for the third day, was cold and spitting rain which certainly didn’t add to my happiness.
  • We made our final walk to Kimmy Tailor and collected all of our items before heading straight to the post office to ship everything home by airmail.  It cost $100 for 8kg and a 4-5 week shipping time, which we opted for over seamail at a cost of $40 for a 3 month shipping time.
  • Returned to the hostel and packed up our bags then pulled out our motorbikes to start the journey to Da Nang.
  • We were stopped in our tracks by a couple problems: a flat front tire on my bike and Cory’s bike which wouldn’t start.
  • Luckily neither problem was very hard to fix.  My flat tire took a few minutes and 80K VND ($3.60).  Cory’s problem ended up being just a bit of rain water that had flooded one of the engine parts.  A quick drain and 25K VND ($1.12) later and the bike was starting again with no issues.  Cory also had his chain tightened for another 25K VND.  Total cost: 130K VND ($6).
  • Finally we were on our way and completed the hour long drive to Da Nang in chilly weather that had us shivering the whole way.  Upon arrival, we both agreed that it was time for some warmer clothes.
  • Checked in to Funtastic Beach Hostel and spent the rest of the night trying to warm up and watching movies in the common room.

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