Wednesday, Jan. 27th (Da Nang to Hue)

  • Started the day around 10am with complimentary breakfast in the lobby of our hostel, Funtastic Beach Hostel.
  • We packed up, checked out, then strapped up our bikes for the journey to Hue.
  • The first part of the drive was through a section of road known as the Hai Van Pass.  It’s an amazing bit of technical driving, with idyllic views of jungle mountainside falling away to white beaches and bright blue water reaching out to the horizon, interuppted only by a scattered, jungle-strewn archipelago.  
  • The road gained popularity after BBC’s Top Gear did a motorbike special on the pass for reasons mentioned above.
  • Unfortunately, the Hai Van Pass was short lived and the majority of the drive took place on a boring section of Highway 1 along with many other vehicles.
  • The weather has turned quite chilly and the wind easily pierced our light sweaters on the road.  By the time we arrived in Hue we were both chilled to the bone and looking forward to some warmth.  
  • Unfortunately it was not to be.  None of the buildings have internal heating and everywhere, restaurant and hotel alike, had their doors thrown wide open for some inexplicable reason.
  • We spent the rest of the evening trying to find warmth with tea, soup, and by switching accomodation to the Casablanca Hotel.
  • Finally, after a big bowl of Pho (Vietnamese soup) on the street, we were able to tame our shivers and return to the hostel for a night of rest. 

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