Thursday, Jan. 28th (Hue Day 1)

  • I had a slow start to the day, catching up with friends and family back home while Cory slept.
  • At Noon we headed across the Perfume River to Dong Ba market to pick up some warmer travel gear: gloves, long socks, and rain jackets.
  • Next we checked out the Imperial City, also known as the Citadel, where Vietnamese royal life was centralized at the beginning of the 19th century.  
  • The compound was badly damaged during the French and American wars of the 20th century, but some buildings survived while others have been restored to their former glory.  
  • As with many of these sights, the sheer size and relentless attention to detail is what leaves a lasting impression, probably stemming from a deep, intuitive respect for the discipline, willpower, and manpower that it must have taken to create something that magnificent.
  • On our walk back to the hostel we stopped for dinner at Lien Hoa, a local vegetarian restaurant that served us the best hot pot we’ve had in Vietnam by far.
  • Stopped for a few minutes in the backpacker area to take a look at some of the popular bars and street shops.
  • Finally returned to our hostel and spent some time planning our route for the next day before calling it a night. 

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