Wednesday, Feb. 3rd (Phong Nha to Con Cuong)

  • Woke up at 7am, checked out, and had a big breakfast by the fire before jumping on our bikes to start the 285km journey to Con Cuong.
  • For the first hour through the mountains on the Ho Chi Minh Highway it was drizzling and chilly, but soon we dropped to a lower elevation and had dry roads the rest of the way.
  • The highway was empty for the majority of the ride with long sweeping corners that we could easily take at full speed.
  • We made our best time yet and covered the 285km in 7 hours.
  • The city of Con Cuong is just inside Pu Mat National Park. Giant jungle mountains towered over the highway as we road into town; a picturesque main strip, with colourful houses and charming shops both contrasting and fitting in perfectly with the wilderness backdrop.
  • We had some troubles finding a hotel at first but thankfully a local woman on a scooter, who could tell we were lost, led us to the closest hotel in town.
  • We checked in and spent the rest of the night exploring.
  • It was obvious that hardly any Westerners pass through this place. We felt like celebrities walking down the strip and through the market, being pointed and stared at while doing our best to smile and say hello to everyone.
  • Returned to the hotel just after dark and spent the rest of the night writing and watching cheesy old English movies on a tiny wall-mounted TV set.

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