Friday, Feb. 5th (Ninh Binh Day 1)

  • Slept in and took our time getting going in the morning, recovering from the past couple long days on the road.
  • Decided to meet up with our friend Dries, our travel companion from Belgium who we have been city hopping with, at his hostel in Tam Coc.
  • We were sick of sitting after two days on the bike so we decided to walk to Tam Coc, which ended up being nearly an hour and a half.
  • Finally we made it to Tam Coc Bamboo Homestay where Dries had fallen asleep waiting for us.
  • We hung out for an hour and talked with the homestay manager, a gregarious local man with great English nicknamed “King Kong.”
  • King Kong pointed us to Thai Vi Temple and a lesser known path extending behind the temple to explore the Tam Coc area.
  • Tam Coc is known as Halong Bay on land: a series of jagged, jungle-spotted mountains jutting out of the “sea” of surrounding rice fields.
  • We spent a couple hours exploring then returned to Tam Coc Bamboo Homestay for a hot pot filled with fresh vegetables that we picked up from the market on our walk over.
  • By the time we finished eating it was after dark so we took a cab home.
  • Relaxed the rest of the evening before calling it another early night. 

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