Wednesday, Feb. 10th (Cat Ba Island Day 1)

  • Dries, Cory, and I woke up just in time to catch our hostel’s complimentary breakfast ending at 9am.
  • We took an easy morning, hanging around the hostel and making a trip to the market to stock up for the day.
  • Just before Noon we set out for Ben Beo Harbour, a hilly 25 minute walk from our hostel to an adjacent cove.
  • At Ben Beo Harbour we rented two, two-person kayaks for a half-day at 100K VND each (after some bargaining).
  • From there we set out exploring the incredible archipelago that is most readily recognized as Halong Bay, but actually extends much further and includes Cat Ba Island.
  • We paddled through the aqua green waters for a couple hours, past jelly fish and around the towering mountain islands that the area is so well known for.
  • After finding a tunnel through the center of one of the islands we decided to stop on a secluded beach for a late lunch.
  • We gathered some dry wood and soon Dries was cooking up tomato and onion omelettes with his frying pan over a small fire at the mouth of a rocky overhang.
  • It was a delicious team-made meal and we finished it off with banana and dragon fruit for desert.
  • By this time it was getting late, so we packed up and paddled for another hour back to Ben Beo Harbour.
  • Back a the hostel I stayed behind to take care of some writing while Cory, Dries, and Sarah went for dinner.
  • We relaxed and hung out for a little longer before retiring to bed for another great night’s sleep.

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