Friday, Feb. 12th (Cat Ba Island Day 3)

  • Set ourselves up for a big day of hiking with an omelette breakfast at the hostel and a trip to the market for lunch supplies.
  • The three of us (Dries, Cory, and I) took two motorbikes to Cat Ba National Park and bought tickets for the 6 hour hike across the island to Viet Hai Harbour.
  • We started the hike with beautiful weather and a paved path through towering green foliage.
  • Soon after, the pavement disappeared and we were left scrambling up rocks and over roots and fallen tree trunks.
  • After two and a half hours of hiking we made it to Ao Ech (Frog Pond) and broke out our lunch of green beens, tomatos, carrots, bananas, and apples.  The pond was in a picturesque clearing with glassy water broken only by bunches of slender tree trunks growing out of the depths.
  • We continued on for a couple hours over steep uneven terrain before the path flattened out to take us past a small village.
  • This gradually turned into a road that led us straight into Viet Hai Harbour along a small ocean waterway through a mountain valley.
  • We relaxed for half an hour before hitching a ride back to the main pier on Cat Ba Island with a tour boat.
  • The boat ride back took us right through the amazing scenery of Lan Ha Bay, past floating villages, and through the maze of giant limestone islands.
  • We spent the next hour shuttling back and forth to the entrance of Cat Ba National Park to retrieve our two motorbikes.
  • For dinner, we found a place with Vietnamese Pho on the main strip, and spent the rest of the night at the hostel relaxing before bed.

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