Sunday, Feb. 14th (Cat Ba Island to Hanoi)

  • Managed a quick workout in the dorm room before grabbing an omelette breakfast with Cory.
  • Dries joined after a workout of his own and we spent the rest of the morning relaxing, drinking coffee, and packing up.
  • Two ferry rides, one island, and 3 highway hours later and we finally pulled into Hanoi; this time staying at Hanoi Central Backpackers (Old Quarter location).
  • Sometime over the past few days the luggage rack on Dries’ motorbike snapped.  He managed to get it fixed in the morning but we were all suspicious of the quality…  For good reason, it turns out:
  • Mid way to the first ferry the welding job failed and we were forced to load our two bags on my bike and put Dries’ bag on Cory’s bike.
  • Mid way through the highway section, one of the metal support rods on my luggage rack failed and we had to do another redistribution of the bags, this time strapping them onto the seats instead.
  • We checked into the hostel then had a delicous dinner of Bun Bo Nam Bo for 35K VND at a street shop just outside Hangover bar.
  • We returned to the hostel and enjoyed the free beer happy hour from 7-8pm, meeting a couple of Dries’ old travel friends from Ireland and Australia at the same time.
  • I spent the rest of the night writing while Cory stayed up on the rooftop.
  • Nothing came of the night as we were both tired from the road and called it an early night.

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