Sunday, Feb. 21st (Nong Khiaw Day 1)

  • We had a relaxed morning of reading, writing, and catching up with family back home.
  • A couple instant coffees later and we took off for The Viewpoint, a steep 2 hour hike to a nearby mountain peak with amazing views of the Nong Khiaw village and Nam Ou River.
  • The trail got our blood pumping and it felt good to have a real sweat again after a few relatively inactive days.
  • At the top we took our time soaking in the sunshine and the incredible panoramic view.  
  • We met two girls from France and a couple from England and enjoyed lounging and swapping travel stories.
  • Our next stop was Phatok Caves, another natural shelter that the Laos people used for protection during The Secret War (Vietnam War).
  • We scrambled and climbed through the narrow passages of the “Small Cave” before heading to the “Big Cave” for a self-guided tour of the various caverns. Here and there, relics from the war – old tables, chairs, communication and medical equipment – lay in disrepair. A few sand bullet barriers still held their shape.
  • We walked back to our guesthouse and spent the next couple hours relaxing before walking over to Delilah’s Place Guesthouse, where they have a free movie showing every night at 8pm.
  • They also serve delicious Western style desserts, a rarity in Asia, and certainly something we have been missing on the road.
  • We each had a slice of banana toffee cream pie while watching Blood Diamond in the common area. I went for seconds with a slice of lime merengue pie.
  • Feeling full and satisfied, we returned to our own guesthouse and read for a few more minutes before calling it a night.

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