Tuesday, Feb. 23rd (Muang La to Luang Namtha)

  • I woke up and took an early morning walk around Muang La village.
  • Mornings are very peaceful in the mountains.  The clouds sit so low that they obscure visibility, leaving mysterious jungle shadows peeking through the mountainside mist.  Villagers were starting their days of cooking and cleaning while students in uniform flocked towards the primary school from all directions.
  • I returned to the hot springs and woke my body up fully with a few alternations between the cool river and hot pool.  Unlike the night before, I was alone in enjoying the beautiful setting.
  • I returned to the guesthouse and took some coffee with Cory on the stoop where we noticed that the rear tire on my motorbike was flat.
  • I pushed it to a mechanic shop and had it repaired for 30K Kip ($3.70).
  • We had an omelette breakfast at a nearby local restaurant then hit the road.
  • It was another perfect day: sunshine, little traffic, excellent road conditions, and never ending, breathtaking scenery.
  • We arrived in Luang Namtha after 5 hours of driving and checked into Manychan Guesthouse for 70K Kip ($8.63) per night.
  • We got settled then went for a celebratory dinner at Manikong Bakery where we spoiled ourselves, each ordering a banana-peanut shake, BLT sandwich, rice and red curry, and a slice of carrot cake for dessert.
  • Returned to the hostel and relaxed for the rest of the night before succumbing to sleep.

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